Welcome to My Head

Voiced by Amazon Polly

After several years of on-again off-again personal blogging I’ve decided to start using this space for thoughts, opinions and discussions on topics ranging from business and technology to politics, healthcare and religion.

I’ll be adding an About Me page with a better bio, resume, and social media links to help provide some context.

I’m a big fan of the WordPress platform and of AWS so this site is hosted on AWS and includes text-to-speech with the Amazon Polly plugin for WordPress as well as Alexa skill integration so you can ask Alexa to “open Mike Reed’s blog” or ask alexa for the “latest update on Mike Reed’s blog.” Every post includes a clickable link to listen, as well, just as a proof of concept for accessibility.

One of my next technical posts will be a walkthrough of how this is set up and what’s happening on the back end.

I look forward to your readership and comments… and thanks for taking this journey with me!

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