Hurricane Harvey (2017)

I’m working as a paramedic with Harris County Emergency Corps [Active Indcidents] this weekend while Hurricane Harvey comes ashore.  This page is where I’ll post updates on how busy we are, what we’re seeing in our district, etc.

Three notes:

  1. While I may be able to post some generic information on how busy we are, HIPAA precludes me from posting anything that could potentially identify a patient, etc.  If working Tropical Storm Allison was any guide I’ll definitely have war stories but it’ll probably be a while before I can post much due to a need to anonymize things over time, etc.  Any pictures posted will only be of publicly visible things.
  2. I’m not writing this from a “look at me” perspective – there are LOTS of folks working during this storm, many of them closer to the more damaging winds, etc. than I am.
  3. My thoughts, posts and opinions are my own.  I don’t expect to post anything opinionated, but these days it seems like this disclaimer is necessary everywhere.  I’ll update this with posts as possible.

Latest Blog Posts

Category 4

Hurricane Harvey is now a Category 4 storm. Current tracks have it bouncing back out into the Gulf of Mexico and possibly landing in Houston (downgraded, of course) on Wednesday.  Still looking at lots of rain and potential flooding.

It’s raining… and our porta-potties have arrived!

Right now where I’m at? Light rain. Why porta-potties? At our station in the county, we’re on septic. If the septic field floods and things back up, we’ve got a backup now. My district floods and if we get the continued rain they expect (up to 30 inches overall), Saturday night through Monday could be…