Hurricane Harvey (2017)

I’m working as a paramedic with Harris County Emergency Corps [Active Indcidents] this weekend while Hurricane Harvey comes ashore.  This page is where I’ll post updates on how busy we are, what we’re seeing in our district, etc.

Three notes:

  1. While I may be able to post some generic information on how busy we are, HIPAA precludes me from posting anything that could potentially identify a patient, etc.  If working Tropical Storm Allison was any guide I’ll definitely have war stories but it’ll probably be a while before I can post much due to a need to anonymize things over time, etc.  Any pictures posted will only be of publicly visible things.
  2. I’m not writing this from a “look at me” perspective – there are LOTS of folks working during this storm, many of them closer to the more damaging winds, etc. than I am.
  3. My thoughts, posts and opinions are my own.  I don’t expect to post anything opinionated, but these days it seems like this disclaimer is necessary everywhere.  I’ll update this with posts as possible.