It’s raining… and our porta-potties have arrived!

Right now where I’m at? Light rain. Why porta-potties? At our station in the county, we’re on septic. If the septic field floods and things back up, we’ve got a backup now. My district floods and if we get the continued rain they expect (up to 30 inches overall), Saturday night through Monday could be bad, water-wise. Routes in and out and hospital destinations could … Continue reading It’s raining… and our porta-potties have arrived!

Modern Day Trojan Horses

After the DDoS attacks on Dyn today and the subsequent reports that two different exploits of unsecured/unpatched IoT devices are being used to conduct it, I have to wonder if the state of security on the primarily Chinese-manufactured IoT devices that have been shipped and placed into use worldwide was, in fact, simply careless as has often been asserted or if such devices were a modern … Continue reading Modern Day Trojan Horses

The Next Chapter: A New Home

When I first started blogging several years ago, I focused on my travels and the quest to obtain frequent flyer status to make those travels easier and more hassle-free.  GettingStatus was a fun adventure but now it’s time for the next chapter – a chapter that’s very personal but also something a lot of people have questions about: a new home. Because it’s personal I’m … Continue reading The Next Chapter: A New Home