It’s raining… and our porta-potties have arrived!

Right now where I’m at? Light rain.

Why porta-potties? At our station in the county, we’re on septic. If the septic field floods and things back up, we’ve got a backup now.

My district floods and if we get the continued rain they expect (up to 30 inches overall), Saturday night through Monday could be bad, water-wise. Routes in and out and hospital destinations could be fluid (no pun intended).

We’ve got extra units staffed (as does every service in the region), backup plans of all kinds and generally feel as ready as possible.  Good leadership experienced with these regional-scale disasters goes a long way.

Personally, I worked Tropical Storm Allison and all the flooding that brought, so this isn’t anything new.

BTW, when it floods, fire ant mounds float. Just FYI.

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