The Next Chapter: A New Home

When I first started blogging several years ago, I focused on my travels and the quest to obtain frequent flyer status to make those travels easier and more hassle-free.  GettingStatus was a fun adventure but now it’s time for the next chapter – a chapter that’s very personal but also something a lot of people have questions about: a new home.

Because it’s personal I’m using this series to kick off my ‘new’ personal blog here at  If you’d like to follow the adventure as we go, please subscribe to the blog and share the posts that matter to you.  I’m going to work to not only provide new content related to our buying and building process but to link to and discuss the resources I find to help us along the way.  Please interact in the comments – provide your experiences, your feedback and your advice – this is a community experience.

For now, this is the introductory post.  I’ll add a post later tonight that sets our story’s starting point – where we are now, why we’re looking, what we’re looking for and the roadmap we’re using to take our first steps.

Thanks for reading, following and interacting!

— Mike


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